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Show reel

Print – Photoshop


Some layout work I did for a theater company.

Sights – some photography

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People – some more photography

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When I was a kid, I knew how to draw. Nowadays, I sketch when I have some time.
But as Picasso puts it : “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Animated logo


Logo animation I did a while ago for a Munich based computer consulting company.
Done with Lightwave.

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My work map

Here are the places where I was lucky enough to work.

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La nouvelle Etoile

05 - nouvelle Etoile

A personal CG work I did with Lightwave many years ago.

Still quite like it.



I created the big water shock-wave in the ultimate battle’s explosion.
It’s the result of multiple mesh displacement and stretching effects, which propagation is triggered by a manually controlled wave-form. These effects are added on top of a sea simulation.

I added many layers of smoke simulations using various rendering techniques ; volume shaders, smoke-shaders, and even sprites on procedurally animated particles. Water splash simulations were manually added.

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Nina Ricci – L’elixir


To launch the new fragrance “L’elixir”, Nina Ricci created a sweet “Alice in Wonderland”-like fairy tale around the british singer Florrie, directed by Nez Khammal.

I was the visual effects supervisor on this project, which had a small feature film scale :
70 vfx shots, 5 different edits, 4 month of work with up to 20 artists.