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I created the big water shock-wave in the ultimate battle’s explosion.
It’s the result of multiple mesh displacement and stretching effects, which propagation is triggered by a manually controlled wave-form. These effects are added on top of a sea simulation.

I added many layers of smoke simulations using various rendering techniques ; volume shaders, smoke-shaders, and even sprites on procedurally animated particles. Water splash simulations were manually added.

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Nina Ricci – L’elixir


To launch the new fragrance “L’elixir”, Nina Ricci created a sweet “Alice in Wonderland”-like fairy tale around the british singer Florrie, directed by Nez Khammal.

I was the visual effects supervisor on this project, which had a small feature film scale :
70 vfx shots, 5 different edits, 4 month of work with up to 20 artists.


Warm & fuzzy flowers


To impersonate the feeling of receiving flowers, the art directors at Sapient Nitro NY came up with the idea of a cute little fury ball.

We brought this little thing to life in a series of 3 ads, shot in NY and LA, and postproduced in Paris.

I was visual effects supervisor and “creature” artist.

We really had much fun !

Ads & other animals


I worked as a set-up and SFX artist on ads featuring various animals.

The rhinos had to be very realistic, and one of my tasks was to ad the greasy jiggle effect on their fat bellies.

Ricky by François Ozon


The story of a Baby with… wings.

This was a very rewarding project.

I was responsible for creating the CG wings, from modeling, mapping, shading, to the complex wing folding set-up.

Since it was a “film d’auteur” sized team, I could also do lighting, rendering and final compositing on many shots.

Bird modeling & set-up


For Arthur and the Invisibles 2.

The real difficulty of this setup was that the bird had to look perfect with folded wings, and had to be able to open them realistically.